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"Mark tutored our daughter, Sarah, for the last 6 years on the set of The Dumping Ground. He has taken her all the way through high school and played a major part in helping her achieve great success in her GCSE exams. This was made even harder due to the stresses of the pandemic but under Marks guidance and care she was able to arrange her revision, set targets, cope with the pandemic and complete all filming. Mark showed a very caring attitude and would not only look at her education but also her mental health and adjust the days as necessary. His contact with her school was also excellent, ensuring work was both received and returned. At the start of filming for each series, one of Sarah’s (and ours) first questions would be who the tutor was she was always very happy learning it was Mark (as were we!). Whilst he did not have to, as tutoring did not have to be supplied for over 16’s, Mark was also very supportive when Sarah started studying for her A levels, ensuring space in the tutor room, advice when it was needed and liaising with her school when necessary. We cannot recommend Mark enough. If it wasn’t for his help, things could have been a lot different and we are extremely grateful for everything he did for Sarah."

Simon - Parent

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